Mohammad Mossadegh: Political Biography by Farhad Diba

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Mohammad Mossadegh: A Political Biography: Farhad Diba

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Mohammad Mossadegh : political biography / Farhad Diba

1986, Mohammad Mossadegh : political biography / Farhad Diba Croom Helm London ; Dover, N.H Wikipedia Citation Please see Wikipedia’s template documentation for further citation fields that may be required.

Mohammad Mossadegh : political biography (Book, …

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Books about Mohammad Mossadegh, the 1953 coup in Iran and its effects. Library includes All the Shah’s Men, Homa Katouzian, Farhad Diba, Stephen Kinzer, Mark Gasiorowski, etc. MOSSADEGH: A Political Biography. Author: Farhad Diba Farhad Diba is Mossadegh’s nephew and witnessed the 1953 coup tragedy with his …

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Mohammad Mosaddegh Kashani’s Islamic scholars, as well as the Tudeh Party, proved to be two of Mosaddegh’s key political allies, although relations with both were often strained. With his emergency powers, Mosaddegh tried to strengthen his newly-established autocracy by limiting the monarchy’s powers,

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Mohammad Mossadegh : a political biography (Book, …

Get this from a library! Mohammad Mossadegh : a political biography. [Farhad Diba; Mossadeq, Mohammed.]

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He has written two books: ”Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh: A Political Biography” and ”A Persian Bibliography”. He is currently revising the book on Dr. Mossadegh for a new paperback edition.

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For a useful account see Farhad Diba’s Mosaddegh: A Political Biography (London, 1986). See also Homa Katouzian’s Musaddiq and the Struggle for Power in Iran (London, 1990). On Mossadegh’s career as a parliamentarian and prime minister see Fakhreddin Azimi, Iran: The Crisis of Democracy, 1941-53 (1989).

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Farhad Diba is the author of the first English-language biography of Dr Mossadegh – Mohammad Mossadegh: A Political Biography . In a recent interview, he recounted some of his very personal experiences as a youngster, in contact with his uncle.