Lance Armstrong Is the Dirtiest Cheater in Sports History

Feb 05, 2013 · There are cheaters, there are liars, and then there is Lance Armstrong. After more than a decade of vehemently denying blood doping and suing everyone who dared to speak up, Armstrong has finally

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We can’t mince words here—Lance Armstrong was the biggest fraud in sports history. He took what was going to be a great cancer survival story, and perverted it to a cautionary tale of lies and deceit. Throughout his dominating run from 1999-2005, Armstrong won seven consecutive Tour de France titles.

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A few years ago having Lance Armstrong on this list would’ve garnered a ton of hate. “How can you hate on a man who raised millions to fight cancer!?” What a difference a few years makes. Last September Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and just last week there were rumors of him considering finally admitting to PED …

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Lance Armstrong: the Greatest Fraud in U.S. Sports’ History?

Armstrong has yet to comment on the report, but his lawyer called it a one-sided hatchet job. The debate continues, and surely there will be continued media fall out as this mystery unfolds, but perhaps this report provides solidified answers to one of cycling’s biggest question marks.

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It reveals how Lance Armstrong duped the world with his story of a miraculous recovery from cancer to become a sporting icon and a beacon of hope for cancer sufferers around the world. The film maps how Armstrong’s cheating and bullying became more extreme and how a few brave souls fought back, until eventually their voices were heard.

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Lance Armstrong This many drugs The most prolific doping case in sports history, allegations against the worlds most famous cyclist, model citizen and philanthropist began in 1999 and continued up until his revelation that he doped on Oprah earlier this year.

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More than two years since Lance Armstrong’s television interview with Oprah Winfrey, the disgraced seven-times Tour de France winner has said that, if he were in the same position as he was 20 years ago, he would again dope to win bike races. In reply to the BBC sports editor, Dan Roan, Armstrong said: “My answer is not a popular answer.

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It was more than five years ago when Lance Armstrong went on Oprah, looked her in the eye, and admitted to the world that his iconic comeback story was fueled by the most comprehensive doping regimen in cycling history.

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In the cycling world, Armstrong was certainly not the first to be found guilty of illegal doping practices, nor will he likely be the last, in a sport that has a long history of dubious practices. But Armstrong was a game changer, and it’s hard for sports fans not to accept that these days ”cheating” is indeed often part of a winning game strategy.