What is the ”ms” under the FPS and what does it mean

Frame draw is a CPU issue, FPS is a GPU issue. Originally posted by ☥ – CJ -: When you have High FPS the ms is lower, when you have Low FPS the ms will be higher My example, i have 6ms because my FPS is maxed But yes, the CPU is what renders the frames that is given to the GPU.-Point is, theres a difference between Ping and the ms …

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ever since the last update something is causing fps/ms drops and increases but i can’t find out what. outside of the ocasional lag spikes the game feels unstable and laggy but not laggy like when you get actual lag. nothing is runing in the background and i have no issues with my pc, just can’t figure out what is causing it. does anyone else have this …

FPS/MS Issues – League of Legends Community

Jul 15, 2013 · 14 34 ms 36 ms 32 ms border1.t7-1-bbnet1.fra002.pnap.net [ The biggest problem is not the lagg issues it is the FPS part. With the fps problems i cant play any champ with skillshot or with any champ who isnt Garen for example.

Having FPS issues with Creators Update – Microsoft …

Sep 21, 2017 · Having FPS issues with Creators Update Hi, I’ve been having some massive FPS issues with games recently since updating to the creators update. I have an Intel i5 3.40 GHz processor with 16GB of RAM installed and a GTX 1070 and I am getting stutters and around 25 FPS on CSGO on low settings. I put that as a benchmark to …

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Jun 15, 2015 · Low FPS issue for games Original Title: Problems with my laptop 8.1. Hi microsoft! I buyed new laptop with windows 8.1. and i gettin problems with it like no one getting them only i, i got much games installed them played got fun, some months later on my favorite game crysis2 with ultra settings getinng 60 fps, but today i getting 20-30 on

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Mar 11, 2018 · This will sound very strange, but I’ve recently noticed some horrible horrible FPS Drops/Lag/Ping issues and this happens in some very strange ways.

Effective Overwatch Lag Fix Guide – Kill Ping

Apr 09, 2018 · Solve the commonly faced issues and get your Overwatch lag fix with a easy step by step guide. FPS is the number of frames being displayed on your monitor every second, with more frames meaning smoother movement on-screen. Ideally, you want your ping to be as low as possible, as that means your connection is more …

The Difference Between Gaming “Lag” and Low FPS …

The Difference Between Gaming “Lag” and Low FPS (and How to Fix Them) Chris Hoffman @chrisbhoffman September 22nd, 2016 Many gamers refer to any performance problem in an online game as “lag.”

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Quickly convert feet/second into meters/second (fps to m/s) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more.

FPS and Ping are fine, but still lagging/freezing?

FPS and Ping are fine, but still lagging/freezing? qtcanada (NA My ping would be fine and so would my FPS but occasionally my champ will just stand there for a good 5-10 seconds and do nothing. rito pls ): PS. Occasionally I have been getting randomly high ping too, but it’s not as much of as issue as this. Common, but not as common as