Firefox update policy: the enterprise is wrong, not

Biz & IT — Firefox update policy: the enterprise is wrong, not Mozilla Now that Mozilla has released Firefox 5, version 4, just three months old, is …

Firefox update policy: the enterprise is wrong, not

Jun 09, 2012 · Firefox is not an enterprise ready product, enterprises are trying to shoehorn it in to a place where there’s no decent support structure. Now if you have web development teams that need Firefox for testing and verification, then you need to use it.

How to lock down Firefox in an Enterprise Environment

However, when I copy the mozilla.cfg file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\ and the local-settings.js file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref it has no effect on the settings in Firefox.

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To change update settings, see Advanced panel – Accessibility, browsing, network, updates, and other advanced settings in Firefox. Update settings can be changed in Firefox Options Preferences . Click the menu button and choose Options .

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Firefox Enterprise documentation is now located on

[SOLVED] Firefox admin templates for gpo? (.adm format

Jan 13, 2017 · I have been looking for the firefox admin templates online but cannot find them we need to set policies for firefox because we do not want users saving passwords or using any s [SOLVED] Firefox admin templates for gpo?

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Jul 21, 2017 · Mozilla offers automated updates of security patches and bug fixes for Firefox and Thunderbird though its software update system. You can choose to use this system or modify the Firefox configuration to turn software updates off and gain more control over the update process.

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The Mozilla Enterprise mailing list run by the Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group (EWG) is where enterprise developers, IT staff, and Firefox developers discuss best practices for deploying Firefox in the enterprise. Where can I get technical support for Mozilla Firefox ESR? Mozilla Firefox ESR support can be found through the mailing list.

Firefox 60.0esr, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

Firefox now exclusively supports extensions built using the WebExtension API. Unsupported legacy extensions will no longer work in Firefox 60 ESR, but they will continue to work in Firefox 52 ESR, which will be supported until September 2018.

Configuring Firefox to use the Windows Certificate Store

Use the Windows certificate store As of FF49, a new option has been included which allows Firefox to trust Root authorities in the windows certificate store. This means that certificates can be deployed via group policy as normal and Firefox will trust the same Root authorities that Internet Explorer trusts.