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All-Electric Vehicles All-electric vehicles (EVs) run on electricity only. They are propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs.

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Edmunds 2018 Electric Car Buying Guide analyzes the latest trends in the Electric Car segment and features the Top Recommended 2018 Electric Car. Browse new and used Electric Car by price

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Compare Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids By Features, Price, Range Check out the growing list of cars powered by electricity! A few years ago, you could count the number of available plug-in cars on one hand, with a couple fingers left over.

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Electric Cars New Electric Cars Looking for Used Electric Cars? Electric cars are the long-awaited transportation solution for the futurist ready to break free from the old-fashioned gasoline pump, offering the gasoline-free lifestyle …

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In a California program aimed at helping low-income households purchase electric vehicles, the incentives in are so generous and flexible that, in the right situation, a car can be purchased for $0.