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Jun 07, 2011 · The Netherlands plans to ban foreigners from the country’s famed pot shops, a decision Amsterdam’s tourism industry hopes goes up in smoke.

Dutch court upholds ban on foreign tourists buying pot

A Dutch judge on Friday has upheld the government’s plan to introduce a ”weed pass” to prevent foreigners from buying marijuana in coffee shops. (Peter Dejong/AP) The court ruled that the new law is legal because of the rise in criminality linked to …

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Ban: A woman smokes marijuana in Amsterdam, where the Dutch government could make it illegal for foreigners to do the same Holland is to bar foreigners from its infamous cannabis-selling coffee shops.

Dutch court bans pot for foreigners — RT World News

A Dutch judge upheld a government plan to ban foreign tourists from buying marijuana. The country known for “coffee shops” where joints and cappuccinos share spots on the menu may see its famed tolerance for drugs go up in smoke.

Dutch ban foreigners from cannabis cafes in Maastricht

A pedestrian passes a legal cannabis head shop in 2006 in the Dutch city of Maastricht. The city has long been fed up with foreigners flocking to the town to get stoned, and cannabis cafes recently agreed to a voluntary ban on most foreign tourists.

Dutch to Ban Foreigners from Cannabis Cafes

May 29, 2011 · The Dutch cabinet announced last Friday that it is moving ahead with plans to effectively bar foreigners from the country’s famous cannabis coffee shops. It plans to turn the coffee shops into private clubs limited to 1,500 members, who can only join if they are over 18 and can prove they are Dutch citizens or legal residents, …

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A court in the Netherlands has upheld a new law to ban foreign tourists from cannabis cafes amid growing concern at tourists visiting just …

Dutch judge upholds ban on foreigners buying pot – …

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Long famous for ”coffee shops” where joints and cappuccinos share the menu, the Netherlands’ famed tolerance for drugs could be going up in smoke.

Pot Shops in the Netherlands to Ban Foreigners – ibtimes.com

However, things are about to change. Owners of these specialty shops are heralding the death of tourism as the shops are set to become private clubs for Dutch citizens only. Officials in Amsterdam’s tourism industry are hoping that an upcoming ban on foreigners from the country’s famed pot shops will fade into a green haze.